Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten down

Last night, I finished my tenth game of the year. That's probably some kind of record for me. I'm not sure what kind, but it's got to be some kind.

Amazingly, the game I finished last night, Uncharted, was done in two days. Total playtime was 7 hours, 51 minutes. That's probably one of the shortest games I've played, and absolutely the shortest game of the year for me. Contrast that with Persona 3 that clocked in at 103 hours. Fun fact: Persona 3 cost $30 brand new. Uncharted cost $30 used, and that was a good price, and sold for $60 new. Wut?

Of course, the catch is that I played the game on Easy difficulty.

I know, I wussed out. Instead of manning up, setting it to Normal or Hard, I decided that replaying all of the many, many combat sections over and over and over again in order to prove that I'm tough, I decided to save myself the frustration and set it to a reasonable level. Yeah, that means I probably finished the game faster than I would have, but if the extra two hours it might have taken would have involved having extra holes punched in my lungs, I can live without that.

So my gaming life has gone from demolishing buildings on Mars (awesome) to killing non-white people in the jungle (not so awesome), and now I think I'm going to play Prototype. This game casts you as a guy who has been infected with a mutagenic virus that's running rampant through Manhattan, turning everyone into monsters. Many games would task you with saving the city. Prototype says "well, they're all fucked anyway, so go get revenge!"

Literally everyone and everything that's not you is expendable. Bystanders can be slaughtered in huge numbers if you want. They can also be picked up and consumed to regain health. Basically, they're amulatory, screaming health packs. An indication of the mindset of the game: once you pick someone up, there is no option to set them back down. Your only option is to consume them or throw them 100 feet. You cannot play a good person in this game.

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