Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you like 30 Rock?

This guy does too!

Okay, aside from the inherent strangeness (and that he looks a bit like Crypt Keeper), just some befuddled guy on the internet, right?  Well, now check out this one, and you start to realize that maybe he's not quite right, like he should be wandering around Central Square and laughing at the pavement. 

Now watch this one, and you start to think that this is the kind of guy who your parents warned you not to take candy from.  Picture him driving down the road in his van, doing this routine out the window.

Now try and watch 30 Rock without picturing this guy in your head.  I sure as hell can't.


Dani said...

thank you, so much, for the nightmares. seriously: yikes.

Katie said...

Simply incredible.

Mikey! said...

We want more blog posts! The people demand more Chuck!