Friday, March 6, 2009

Too bad I stopped playing in Little League

So I played my first real game of MLB The Show last night.  Sorry Sox fans, but we got pounded 11-0 by the Rays.  I couldn't hit anything to save my life, and it turns out the Rays really like to hit off of Timlin.

My biggest problem was hitting.  In that I couldn't.  Which seems to be a problem when it comes to scoring in baseball.  Eventually, I did manage to get the wood on the ball (heh) fairly consistently, but kept hitting grounders out to the short stop.  I did manage to get one guy on base with one out.  Then the next batter grounded to the short stop, and they (unsurprisingly) turned the double.

Of course, if I'd stayed in little league past the point where the coaches lobbed you underhanded pitches and you didn't keep score, I might be able to tell a curveball from a slider from a circle change.  In my current adult life, I can only tell you that those pitches exist due to the game listing them on the pitch selectiom meter.  Most of my pitch detection skills boil down to "OH GOD, IT'S GONNA HIT ME IN THE FACE!"

Then I had a moment of revelation when one of the players got up to bat, and I noticed in the stats ticker that he's 24.  Holy shit, did I wind up in the wrong line of work.  Think it's too late for me to make it in the big leagues?  Maybe I can move to Canada and take up curling.  It's gotta be a real sport if it's in the Olympics. 

Strike that.  According to, the average salary for a professional curler is $13,000.   That's probably in Canadian too.  It could also be for a hair curler, the site isn't terribly detailed.

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