Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another step down the road

Yesterday, I bought the Dungeons and Dragons starter set.  Because I wasn't a big enough geek before.

Not that this is entirely unprescendented.  Back in the day, I ran a game of basic D&D for my brother and some friends.  I'm talking basic D&D when there used to be a distinction between that and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  Like, we were all in grade school.  I remember reading the Dungeon Master's Guide on the bus.  No wonder I got picked on.  

That group didn't last very long.  The typical exchange went like this:

Me: You step into the room.  Four goblins stand at the far end, snarling and waving their swords.  What do you do?

The Fighter: I search for treasure.

Me: What?

Fighter: I search for treasure.

Me: Okay, you don't find any.  The first goblin hits you for three damage. 

Fighter: Damn.

Me: Okay, next?

Thief: I hide in the shadows and search for treasure.

Me: Fine.  Owing to it being so dark in those shadows, you don't find any.  While looking, the goblin hits the wizard for five damage.  He has two hit points left.  Next?

Wizard: I search for treasure.  


So ideally, I want to start a game with other people who haven't played before so that my suckiness as a DM isn't immediately apparent, and so that we all get to learn about the basic DM tricks together.  If it works out, maybe we can bring in some more experienced folks later.  

So who wants to geek out with me? I swear it'll be fun!


Andrew said...

4th edition, huh? I've been itching to try that out. Let me know when you finish working the kinks out, I miss being just a plain old PC...

Dave said...

I might. Let me know when you plan to do this. Also- there'd better be treasure!

Russell said...


Chuck said...


Katie said...

Can I walk through walls?

Chuck said...

Shut up you.