Thursday, February 19, 2009

Actual phone call to the office

Frequently, people call our main office number with questions about our Product.  Sometimes, the brave folks who answer tell us about them.  Apparently many of the callers have southern accents.  Make of that what you will.  Here's a transcript that was relayed today:
Madame: Hello, i tried pluggin my drums into the wall and it diddnt work.

Me: You need to plug the drums into your console system.

Madame: Oh, what is a console?

Me: A game system, Xbox 360 ect.

Madame: Oh, i dont know what one of those is. So you're telling me i need to buy something else? i got the drums because they looked cute.

Me: Yes mam, you need to buy a console and the rock band game and you play it through your television.

Madame: How does the console get from the drums to your television? we dont have a television. I see 4 buttons and one for your foot. Does the foot one plug into the wall? it doesnt seem to fit.

Me: You should return the drum kit and ask a sales representative what it is that you need to play. 
I fear for humanity, and you should too

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